Profile - John R. Clark

John Clark is the founder of Corporate Counsel Solutions PLC which offers part-time and outsourced General Counsel and CAO services to companies in a range of industries. 

He is an accomplished senior executive, general counsel, and global business leader with over 25 years of international legal, administration and business guidance. He has managed industry leading global IP licensing businesses and has extensive experience across every facet of day to day operations in public and private equity owned organizations, large-scale corporations, and privately held businesses. 

As both a General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer for multi-billion dollar global companies, John has a wide range of domestic and international legal, compliance, human resources, M&A, intellectual property, EH&S and financial experience, as well as familiarity with multiple process challenges and complexities. He pairs his unique, multi-faceted skill set with excellent judgment, issue spotting and problem solving skills. He is well-versed in financial aspects, including audit procedures, of global organizations as a core member of senior management teams and from having direct P&L responsibilities. 

He has experience in various industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, industrial, construction, and financial services. He currently provides part-time and out-sourced General Counsel and CAO services to companies in various industries. 

Team Network

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