Why General Counsel Solutions?

Until you reach a certain revenue level, having a full-time General Counsel doesn't make economic sense. At the same time, having an experienced business lawyer who can help you navigate through the increasingly complex legal, business and compliance environment is a must-have.  So what options are there to help a company solve this problem.

General Counsel Solutions can offer you a unique solution.

You can now have access to the experience of a veteran General Counsel instead of paying for a full-time position.  With flexible billing arrangements like a fixed monthly retainer, here is a partial list of the types of matters that can be handled by GCS acting as a company's fractional General Counsel:   


  • Contract drafting, review and negotiation (supply, sales, professional services, non-disclosures, etc.)
  • Corporate matters (formation, governance, maintenance, etc.)
  • Compliance programs and Codes of Conduct 
  • Intellectual Property protection and exploitation (e.g. licensing)
  • Employment matters (hiring, terminations, reductions in force, policies, agreements, etc.)
  • Litigation avoidance strategies
  • Litigation management and resolution including outside counsel selection and mangement
  • Real estate matters (leases, purchases, landlord/tenant relations, etc.)
  • Warranty and quality issues 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financing and credit arrangements
  • General day-to-day legal and business issues

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