Fee Structures


Fixed Monthly Retainer

For a fixed monthly fee, GCS clients can obtain on-site presence (typically one to two days per week or month) with access via phone, email etc. on the other days to address issues as they arise. The purpose of the fixed monthly retainer is to eliminate the unpredictability of hourly billing and worrying about the "meter running" every time you pick up the phone.  Of equal importance, it creates an incentive for GCS to be pro-actively involved in your business and help manage the legal, compliance and strategic decisions your business faces.

Fixed Project Billing

For clients who do not need a part-time GC but have discrete project work (e.g. contract drafting or review, policy and compliance manual drafting or review, etc.),  GCS can negotiate a fixed-fee arrangement.   This arrangement is for projects that are predictable in their scope and takes the guess work out of what you will pay for a specific matter.

Mergers & Acquisitions

For M&A projects, GCS offers a range of services including legal, contract and compliance due diligence, business, cultural and integration risk assessment, and post-closing support. GCS can negotiate either a fixed fee or traditional hourly billing arrangement at competitive rates.

Traditional Hourly Billing

For clients wishing to "pay-as-they-go" or those, such as in-house General Counsels, who have overflow work which they need handled by experienced, business minded counsel, traditional hourly billing arrangements are available at competitive rates. 

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